Gypsi Motel
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Location Gypsi Motel Paris / Paris / FRA
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


Open from breakfast to 2 am, the GYPSI MOTEL invites an eclectic clique of epicureans, dandies, nomadic workers and sneakers heads, not to mention a few followers of spirituality and occultism. Spread over 800 square meters, wherever his mood wanders, we travel; from Bolinas to Bali, passing through the antique stores of Saint-Ouen. Here all encounters, travels and universes are condensed.

Tucked away perpendicular to the Champs-Élysées, the GYPSI MOTEL destroys the margin card, with an identity that borrows as much from the myth of the gypsies as from that of the bohemian New Age. Hybrid, free from codes, this variable geometric landmark is at the same time a bar, a restaurant, an art gallery, a concept store and a barber shop. To complete the picture, we must add a pocket cabaret, high-speed WI-FI, meeting rooms that turn into a karaoke box and even the authentic trailer of a fortune teller.

Vagabond Kitchen
There are stars on the menu. It remains to be seen which ones. Composed in the shadows by a great chef, it overflows with feelings and influences. It is also a question of travel and sharing... It is a cuisine of the heart that blows on the embers of an improvised campfire. The gypsy style sticks to him, with its spontaneous outbursts and its fierce tempo. No fuss, no mumbo jumbo, just good food served as close as possible to its nature. And then there are the encounters that make you cross Europe or sail from one side of the Mediterranean to the other. "When the service is top, it is not human. And when the place is festive, the food is bad. At Gypsi we want to break these codes by taking up the challenge of being imperfectly perfect. To achieve this, we focus on a meaning, a value that we bring to life in the dining room with a touch of madness and on the plate with a maximum of ethics. The supply favours local resources, promotes short circuits, organic produce, small producers and craftsmen. The menus, which follow the time of day and the season, are renewed every two months and updated daily. Finally, sharing is in the spotlight with dishes to be savoured in teams. In good position to impress the taste buds: the traveller's baguette served by the metre, the succulent chuck of beef cooked for 7 hours, an extraordinary variation of vegetables from our garden of Eden with yoghurt, not forgetting the peach of the day on a bed of piperade cooked in banana leaf... and the traditional lamb stew with spices of which only the chef has the secret... From Beirut to Paris to the kitchens of the greatest international palaces, the chef Fadi Frem, has worked in establishments such as: Jacques Cagna, at the Ritz with chefs Jean- François Girardin and Michel Roth, at the Café de l'Homme or Chez Francis. Not forgetting two crazy years spent at the Four Season.

Golden desserts
For the sweet side, Audren Dimitris has simply called on one of the best pastry chefs in the capital. At the helm, Jeffrey Cagnes, former chef of the venerable Strohrer house, now part of the Phillipe Conticini group, has signed the Gypsi Motel's dessert menu, which is necessarily of the highest quality. One line on the menu even announces a completely blinged-out dessert cooked and served at the table by the chef himself! A little madness at 1 000 euros stamped Gypsi Motel... because the party is also about excess and excessiveness.

Cocktail bar
On the alcohol side, lovers of high distillation will be at the party. Especially rum and gin lovers who will be able to savor a few bottles off the slopes. The cocktail menu is entrusted to Julian, a leading alchemist who focuses on the essential, with classic long drinks and a few signature titles made from 100% natural artisan preparations.

The place is an inspiring and breathing destination. Alive from morning to night, it immerses its guests in a moving facility. During the day, the atmosphere remains quiet, conducive to meetings and time for oneself. In the evening, live music from 7pm onwards and DJ sets follow one another, when it's not the service that puts on a show. Here, from the dining room to the kitchens, everyone is talented and makes up the driving force behind a joyful mess. The musical styles rub up against each other to create sparks. Eclectic and sharp, the setlist brings people together without ever trying to sell them out. Ideal to end the day and start the night. Special mention for the festive brunches on Saturday and Sunday afternoon where the kids will also have the right to party in a dedicated space.


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