Les Jardins du Presbourg
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Location Les Jardins du Presbourg / Paris / FRA
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


Les Jardins du Presbourg is a restaurant and bar from the Costes Family and the Beaumarly Group.
Located in the sixteenth arrondissement in Paris on Avenue de la Grande Armée it takes its inspiration from the tree lined streets and L’Etoile, the unmistakable memorial built to honour the people of Paris.

On arrival, guests will be welcomed by a large terrace, which spills out under mature trees. Complete with upholstered seating and traditional-style tables, the terrace creates the perfect entrance way into the main restaurant. Walking through the grand entrance way, diners can expect a warm ambience and welcome thanks to the greeter station and raised bar behind. A dazzling colour palette of blues and gold are accented by tone of pink and a star motif, grounding the design to the restaurant’s close proximity to L’Etoile.

A floral patterned woollen carpet floods the floor of the restaurant whilst upholstered banquette seating and dining chairs, complete with tassel trims and embellishments, provide comfort and elegance. A feeling of bringing the outside in enhances the restaurant’s ambience, with verdant foliage creeping into the design, echoing the landscaped terrace outside whilst a hand-painted mural of scenes of Paris complete the look.

Guests will move up a level to enjoy drinks at the bar, which is backlit and glowing. Brass stars are mounted onto the ceiling ensuring each and every diner is bathed in the glowing warmth of a night’s sky. A dedicated salmon counter adds a sense of theatre to the restaurant floor. Crafted from an imitation over-sized shell, this area of the restaurant is highly decorative with real shell detailing and a dazzling finish.


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