Terms and Conditions

  1. InList assumes no liability for the use or consumption of any services, experiences or events supplied by hosts or venues listed on the app. It is the responsibility of the purchaser, before booking, to research each experience, host and venue, and the responsibility of each host/venue to accept only bookings which reasonably seem suitable to them.
  2. In the event the requested services or experiences are not available or not as described, our site will not guarantee reimbursement for funds which are not still held by InList. Liability will belong with the venue/host once funds have been dispersed, or in which instance funds were never held by InList.
  3. Prices are subject to minor changes according to international currency rates when prices are listed in a currency other than USD.
  4. Availability of services and experiences is subject to change without any notice. InList reserves the right to disable future bookings of any experience or event on its mobile application without cause or explanation.
  5. InList is not responsible for changes in the offerings of experiences, hosts or venues. Event information is provided as-is, with no warranty.
  6. Booking cancellations are not accepted after the set cut-off time of the event/experience.
  7. InList does not sell any services other than those listed on its app and website.
  8. It is agreed that the local laws of Florida, USA shall apply in interpreting the terms of this waiver and any associated disclaimer.
  9. I, the user, understand and agree that I am responsible for all local laws, tariffs, and taxes, if applicable, in my country, state and county. I have checked that the service is permitted in my country.